Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of rambling..

  First off..riding lawn mowers are the best inventions ever. Ok, maybe after A/C but they are still awesome and a lazy way to mow a field ;). Push mowers are actually have to push and the heat.

  There was a 4 day show about 45 minutes from my house last weekend. I only entered Friday with Ace and Legit. It was pretty small show and only one ring but the turf was great! That was the 3rd show in a row my guys got to run on turf and they loved it. I will be very sad to go back to dirt in a few weekends. The good thing is they are having more turf around us which is fantastic.

  Chris and I got to the show when they were running 26in..opps but the judge was very kinda and let me walk after the 26iners were done and run. Ace was such a good boy on Friday. He was very honest which is great for him. He is turning into an honest dog and I am loving it. Makes me so much better as a handler and not so lazy ;). We still need 1 QQ and 150 point. AHHHHHH. Lots of shows coming up so hopefully we can get this out of the way. Never doing this lets get the points at the last second thing again...ever.

  Legit run STD and JWW on Friday. He was FANTASTIC!! He had no bars, 1 run by and hit both AF and DW. He did not once refuse a jump and this would be the first time he was ever done that. I am so proud of him. In JWW he got his first ever Q and most importantly I reached my goal. Run to every jump, say jump and not get any refusals. Our good friend Kristin and her awesome mal Eeeeeeepix got their first agility title ever. We had a huge party cause our baby dogs rock!
   I love having this journey with Legit. He is just so much fun to work with and grow with. Every time I step into that ring we get better and better as a team. Every time I come out of the ring I can't help but have a huge smile on my face. Q or no Q. No, he isn't Ace but he is Legit..he is his own dog. I am finding myself smiling to the people that say he isn't quite Ace. It doesn't bother me anymore like it used to. He is a baby not a 5 year old seasoned Ace. The future is very bright for this freckle faced boy.

  We spend the rest of the weekend at The Lake House on Lake Texhoma with friends and family. We drank, played beer pong, swam, boated, tubed, rode Jet Skis fun was had by all :).

Chris and I move in Friday at 4!!! I am so excited to have our own place. It's only 8 miles from my parents so I can still do agility and swim the dogs. I am must excited to decorate the place. I have a few friends that are going to come and help move our stuff in the new place. We haven't even started packing haha!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

HOME...but not for long.

   We got home Monday at 12am from our 20 day trip around the country. 2,500 miles the trip was. I still sit back and think how in the world I did that..alone.  So very glad I did as we had the best time with new and old friends. I am very thankful I have friends that let me stay at there house through out my journey.

 For the first time ever I ran both dogs at the same show. Now, granted not ever on the same course but it was still a challenge for me. They are 110% different on course and nothing is alike. Well only that they both jump 26in. For the first time in 4 years I ran two of my dogs at the same show. It was a good challenge for me and something I needed. Both boys did suffer but over all it was a great experience for me. Poor Ace got rear verbals that were Legit's verbals and poor Legit tried to get handled like Ace.

  I am really really happy how Ace has been running the past two regionals. He is like fine wine, he just gets better with age. I have never felt this connected to him..ever. Being out there with him is like a dance, a dance that we are dancing as one..a whole. That feeling is the reason I do agility. When you get a bond and a dance like that you feel like you can take on the world. That little red dog is so special to me, on and off the course. My heart just melts after a run when he wags his tail so hard that his whole body wiggles. He looks up at me with this huge smile on his face, jumping up on me saying "I did it! I did it!". I just can't help but pick him up in my arms and tell him "Yes Racer, you did it".

 Legit was running well like a baby dog! All in all he had some brilliant moments and I am happy with him. If only I could learn how to handle him. I know him like the tip of my pinky and not the back of my hand. One day we will get there! We have so much to learn about each other but I did learn a lot about him these last few shows. His next show is just a one day show at the end of August and on turf!! How I will ever go back to dirt I will never know...

 I am back home but not for long. We leave tomorrow night for Dallas! We are going to six flags and the water park. We are staying with some good friends which will turn into a good time ;). Chris and I's first date was at six fact it was the first time we ever hangout just the two of us.that was over 2 years ago...phew. I didn't know it back then but he didn't like roller coasters and he knew I really wanted to go so he couldn't tell me no and still cant to this day ;).

A few people asked me what I do to keep my dogs in shape. They asked because after a lot of play their dogs would have their tongues hanging out of their mouth and my guy's were still in their mouth. I have to say that Legit is much more conditioned than Ace. Legit can go and go and go and still not be panting where Ace has a harder time. My guys swim a lot..a mean a lot a lot. Like 3+ hours a day a lot. I can tell they are a little out of shape and they haven't been swimming in 20 days. But, its back to swimming and hiking :).

Monday, August 6, 2012

Where to begin..

  I have had the most fun I have ever ever ever had at a show. The courses where rockin, judges were awesome and the show was run amazingly. I got to meet new friends and see old friends. It was really a great time. I can't even remember the last time my stomach was hurting this much from laughing. The car to Panda with Laurren, Kaimen,Gabrielle and Adrian was probably one of the best car rides ever. Seriously. My ads were killing me before we even got to Panda. That night we had 8 dogs and 5 people in one tiny hotel room having a *GREAT* time. I so wish we all showed around each other but that also would be really crazy ;).

  Legit showed me so really awesome stuff this weekend and I am really proud of him. We have so much to work on but he was really showing his true colors out there. He hit all his AF's and his DW's. Had a few bars but I excepted that being that was his first show at 26. I learned a lot about him this week. Actually we learned a lot about each other. I don't know him like I know Ace. I know Ace like the back of my hand and I know Legit like the top of my pinky finger. Which is both fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. I can't wait till I ever that feeling like I do with Ace with him.

 Ace on the other hand was Mr. Perfect this weekend. He didn't have a step out of place. He ran Steeple, local GP, GP R1 and GP R2. He went 3/3 in GP and got a GP BYE!! In steeple he hit the board hard which made him hit the triple right after it so we didn't make finks but we ran so well. I love love love love running Ace. That feeling on course were we are once is so awesome. Thats what I felt this weekend with him. I feel better than ever with him and its just a nice feeling. He feels really good.

 Diane Sanders is one of the strongest people I know. After loosing her awesome dog Streak she ran the regional and ran all her other dogs. She is such great person inside and out and I really admire her for all she has done this weekend.

  The boys and I leave for the MO regional Thursday morning. Ace still needs a GP bye and Legit needs a team Q but whatever happens happens. I am excited to run Ace again :). He has been on the back burner since Legit started showing.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gibberish(n.) Meaningless or unintelligible talk or writing.

  I got into Oklahoma on Thursday night and went straight to Chris's dad's work to get my new tires and oil change! It is a huge plus having Chirs's dad work on cars and he is generous enough to fix my car when it's in needs a little TLC. I taught private lessons all morning and afternoon Friday and Saturday. I got to work with some awesome awesome dogs and people. I love teaching and can't help but get excited to see a handle/dog finally get it, especially RDW's. So much fun.

  I got to sit down with Chris's neighbor, Wayne. He is an older man that has plenty of awesome stories to tell. He got to talking about how when he was growing up he couldn't just go get food, he had to feed his own cows. If his cows died cause he forgot to feed them then he didn't get any dinner that night. Got to talking how now a days kids don't have to work for anything and just gets life handed to them. I wish I had a great grandma that lived close to me that could tell me stories like that. I would love to listen all day about the older days and how things are much different now than before. I felt privileged to sit and listen to him talk and I didn't want him to stop.

  I took Legit to a fun match for his first time and wow he was a superstar. He has having the deepest AF's he has ever has in sequences and his DW's were great. I love his work ethic and his brain. He is sending like nobody's business and is keeping his bars up. He sure doesn't act like a 17 month old puppy out on course but a seasoned agility dog. I have a harder time getting places more with him than I do Ace, finding myself do more rears than front which I am okay with that. I LOVE that puppy and cant wait to see whats ahead for us :).

  The boys and I hit the road again tomorrow at 8am. Making the 800 miles to Woodstock, IL for 8 days. I am so excited for the regional(s)! Wednesday we are training with some friends and going to a fun match on the same surface and equipment has the IL regional. That will be so good for Legit!

I jope everyone has a great rest of the week and see some of you soon :).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cinderella, Hawaii, puppy and planes.

 I finally found the time to blog yay!

We are back from Hawaii! It was seriously an awesome trip and I am so excited that Chris got to come along, he almost didn't. He flew in two days later than us and left on a different plane. I wish my other two boys got to come but that wasn't happening. The land is the most beautiful land, so green and lush! The second day we went on a boat tour to the Na Pali Coast and that was the highlight of the trip. The mountains were gorgeous, filled with flowers and waterfalls, the water very very blue. On our way the coast we spots a few dolphins and we went to them and as soon as we know it we were surround by 25+ dolphins. One even spun in the air and the boat guy said he has never seen that before, that they usually don't come that close much-less flip in the air. We also went tubing in the underground irrigation system which was so blast but very cold!

 I still get nervous on planes and I have been on tons and tons of planes. When we take off till when we get to when you can move around the plane I freak out a little...okay a lot. All that's going through my head is oh my god we are going to crash, oh my god we are going down. Once we get to the point were you can move around the plane I am fine. I really don't like to fly in the first place. I mean siting still for 5 hours is pretty much impossible for me...unless it's at night then I can sleep .

My friend commented on a picture and asked if I was Cinderella and to be honest I kinda do feel I am. I live such a blessed life with wonderful family, dogs, boyfriend, friends and I get to go to some kick ass places. Plus, it doesn't help that Chris treats me like one, getting a massage on the beach was oh so awesome! Thank you, Chris.

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday and today. Getting ready for our 2,400 miles, 5 states and 19 day trip. I am about 70% done and we leave on Thursday morning. This is by far the biggest trip I have taken along. We first stop in Oklahoma and stay till Tuesday then we go straight to Illinois where we stay there till next Thursday, drive to Blue Springs, stay for a 4 days and head back home! In between then I get to go visit the breeder Chris is getting a puppy from. We get to stay with some awesome friends and hang out with them . SO excited!