Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of rambling..

  First off..riding lawn mowers are the best inventions ever. Ok, maybe after A/C but they are still awesome and a lazy way to mow a field ;). Push mowers are actually have to push and the heat.

  There was a 4 day show about 45 minutes from my house last weekend. I only entered Friday with Ace and Legit. It was pretty small show and only one ring but the turf was great! That was the 3rd show in a row my guys got to run on turf and they loved it. I will be very sad to go back to dirt in a few weekends. The good thing is they are having more turf around us which is fantastic.

  Chris and I got to the show when they were running 26in..opps but the judge was very kinda and let me walk after the 26iners were done and run. Ace was such a good boy on Friday. He was very honest which is great for him. He is turning into an honest dog and I am loving it. Makes me so much better as a handler and not so lazy ;). We still need 1 QQ and 150 point. AHHHHHH. Lots of shows coming up so hopefully we can get this out of the way. Never doing this lets get the points at the last second thing again...ever.

  Legit run STD and JWW on Friday. He was FANTASTIC!! He had no bars, 1 run by and hit both AF and DW. He did not once refuse a jump and this would be the first time he was ever done that. I am so proud of him. In JWW he got his first ever Q and most importantly I reached my goal. Run to every jump, say jump and not get any refusals. Our good friend Kristin and her awesome mal Eeeeeeepix got their first agility title ever. We had a huge party cause our baby dogs rock!
   I love having this journey with Legit. He is just so much fun to work with and grow with. Every time I step into that ring we get better and better as a team. Every time I come out of the ring I can't help but have a huge smile on my face. Q or no Q. No, he isn't Ace but he is Legit..he is his own dog. I am finding myself smiling to the people that say he isn't quite Ace. It doesn't bother me anymore like it used to. He is a baby not a 5 year old seasoned Ace. The future is very bright for this freckle faced boy.

  We spend the rest of the weekend at The Lake House on Lake Texhoma with friends and family. We drank, played beer pong, swam, boated, tubed, rode Jet Skis fun was had by all :).

Chris and I move in Friday at 4!!! I am so excited to have our own place. It's only 8 miles from my parents so I can still do agility and swim the dogs. I am must excited to decorate the place. I have a few friends that are going to come and help move our stuff in the new place. We haven't even started packing haha!!

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